Welcome to Vaasa! ?>

Welcome to Vaasa!

Welcome to Vaasa and to the 15th Wasa Match 2019, 16 stages of shooting brought to you by our main sponsor Viranomainen.fi

The main match dates are 2019-07-27 and 2019-07-28, the pre-match takes place the days before, from 2019-07-24 to 2019-07-26.

Invitation letter for foreign competitors.

During this year’s event You can have a chance to win a STP Sparta 5.0 1911 and a Arsenal Firearms Stryk B handgun during the awards ceremony (personal presence required). Information on how to participate in the lottery is given on beforehand at the match area. This is made possible by our main sponsor Viranomainen.fi and area sponsor RUAG Ammotec Finland Oy.

Make sure to check out Viranomainen.fi Wasa Match offer in the offer section!

Don’t forget to pre-order the official Wasa Match jersey in the shop section!

Registration information on schootnscoreit.com

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