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There are quite a few options for lodging in Vaasa area. Because Vaasa has a lot of industry, it is not unusual that all of the hotels are fully booked. To be on the safe side, please book your accommodation early if you intend to stay in Vaasa for a night or two. Here is a list of some options in Vaasa and Mustasaari area. All of them are fairly close to the shooting range. If you are shooting in the pre-match and working in the main match, there is a free (and very basic) accommodation option in the hall of our indoor shooting range. There is a kitchen, showers and a sauna. Bring your own sleeping bag.

  • Sokos Hotel Vaakuna (9,5 km from the shooting range)

    Address: Rewell Center 101, Vaasa
    WWW: Sokos Hotel Vaakuna
    A business hotel in the middle of Vaasa, right by the market square.

Prices for Wasa Match 2017 participants

  • standard single room á 99 €/night
  • standard twin room á 114 €/night
    Price includes breakfast, evening sauna, gym, wireless internet access and taxes and are valid for reservations done latest on 2017-07-07 with reservation code BWASAMATCH via website


  • Cumulus Resort Tropiclandia (11,2 km from the shooting range)

    Address: Lemmenpolku 3, Vaasa
    WWW: Cumulus Resort Tropiclandia
    A spa hotel in Vaskiluoto, Vaasa. Now you can get a 10 % discount with code WASAMATCH from a limited amount of rooms for 1 or 2 persons (including breakfast). Please be quick with your reservation, the hotel is very popular and could soon be fully booked. You can book your room from here: Booking Restel

  • Omena Hotel (9,2 km from the shooting range)

    Address: Hovioikeudenpuistikko 23, Vaasa
    WWW: Omena Hotel Vaasa
    This is usually the cheapest hotel in town. However, there is no reception, breakfast or a key to your room. You book and pay your room in advance on the Internet and in return you’ll get a keycode that you’ll use to enter the hotel and your room. The rooms are equipped with a fridge and a microwave oven.

  • Best Western Hotel Vallonia (5,6 km from the shooting range)

    Address: Keskustie 3, Mustasaari
    WWW: Best Western Hotel Vallonia
    This small hotel is the closest one to the shooting range.

  • Hotel Astor (9,2 km from the shooting range)

    Address: Asemakatu 4, Vaasa
    WWW: Hotel Astor
    A small hotel in the middle of Vaasa, right across the street from the railway station.

  • Scandic (9,3 km from the shooting range)

    Address: Rosteninkatu 6, Vaasa
    WWW: Scandic hotel Vaasa

  • Hotel Tekla (10,7 km from the shooting range)

    Address: Palosaarentie 58, Vaasa
    WWW: Hotel Tekla
    The rooms are pretty old and worn.

  • Evangeliska folkhögskolan Hostel/Summer Hotel (10,6 km from the shooting range)

    Address: Rantakatu 21-22, Vaasa
    WWW: Evangeliska folkhögskolan Hostel / Summer Hotel
    This is a christian folk high school student housing facility that serves as a hostel during the summer.

  • Top Camping

    Address: Niemeläntie 1, Vaasa
    WWW: Top Camping
    This is a camping site. Sleep here in your own motorhome or a tent. They have some small cabins for rent, too.


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